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PT. Megah Paramitha Sejati

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PT. Megah Paramitha Sejati
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Nama:Tn. Eko Ermawan Prasetyo [Penjualan]
Situs Web:
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Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Tn. Eko Ermawan Prasetyo di West Jakarta
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Tn. Eko Ermawan Prasetyo di West Jakarta
Nomor Faks:Nomor faks Tn. Eko Ermawan Prasetyo di West Jakarta
Alamat:Tanjung Duren Raya No. 7 - J
West Jakarta 11470, Jakarta
Rata-rata Tinjauan PemakaiTidak ada ulasan untuk perusahaan ini - Menulis tinjauan
Tanggal Bergabung:12 Oct. 2011
Terakhir Diperbarui:28 Oct. 2011
Sifat Dasar Usaha:Dagang dari kategori Kesehatan & Kecantikan

Penjelasan Ringkas

PT. Megah Paramitha Sejati, established in Jakarta on January 16th, 2009 by a people who have experiences in respective field of activity Medical Training Model ( Laerdal, Norway ) since 1995 s.

The early market segment involving PT. Megah Paramitha Sejati, which concentrated on Institutional project such as Medical & Hospital Equipment, Scientific Supply for Hospital.

To be the leading supplying company for Medical and Hospital Equipment, Medical Training Model in Indonesia.

As a partner in supplying Medical and Hospital Equipment, Medical training model we will always :

Try to apply continuous improvement and quality repairs working environment.

Give value, optimal profit and purpose to the stake holder with priority of customer satisfaction and employee wealth.

Give the best service based on good professional human resources with business high ethics and good corporate governance.

Our philosophy providing services to the customers are the hear, to learn, to know, to identify and provides the solution.

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